The Real Issue With Mass Immigration

August 25, 2015

My objection to amnesty for illegal aliens is this: Importing 100 million poor, low-skilled, under-educated, non-English-speaking, Socialist Third-Worlders would destroy the American way of life. People who oppose amnesty don’t usually make that point, preferring arguments about jobs or The Rule of Law. So I nearly fell out of my chair when I read...

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“Personal” E-mail Accounts For All Government Employees!

August 25, 2015

Hillary says she did nothing wrong. Now we learn that Lois Lerner used one too. And Jeb had one as well.

Only a chump would use his government account for government work. Better to have your own account so that the pesky public can’t use FOIA to spy on you. A private server is even better, because you can always wipe it. Like with a cloth!

“Pls Print”

August 25, 2015

Was apparently the most common thing Hillary asked of her factotums, usually asking them to print out some newspaper article about her. The sycophants also kept her firmly cocooned by forwarding favorable articles, screening her email, and lavishing her with vomit-inducing praise. No wonder she can’t take a political punch.

Hillary Can’t Catch a Break

August 24, 2015

I saw this stock market crash coming. Recessions happen every eight years or so, we’re about due for one, and all the arrows have been pointing upward for too long now. So, a couple of months ago, I bought some insurance in the form of equity index derivatives. It’s paying off handsomely now.

But never mind me. What effect will the just-begun financial crisis have on… Hilary??

The crisis will make her candidacy much tougher. She’ll need to create distance between herself and Obama’s Recession. And she’ll suddenly look like a mealy-mouthed follower of the Democrats’ Donald Trump… Elizabeth Warren!

The crisis is tailor-made for Warren’s financially-illiterate, Commie-lite, Wall-Street-hating demagoguery. Hillary can’t out-Warren Warren.

So why hasn’t Warren thrown her hat into the ring yet? My guess: She’s got some skeletons in her closet. She could hide them when she was running for Senate in hyper-liberal Massachusetts. But the hot lights of a presidential campaign will illuminate whatever she’s trying to conceal.

Still, she’ll have to give some serious consideration to a presidential campaign.

Things just got a whole lot more interesting!

What Happens When Politicians Won’t Protect National Borders?

August 23, 2015


From Malmö comes the news that the Sweden Democrats, scrubbed-up neo-fascists who have forsaken the Roderick Spode uniforms, have become Sweden’s most popular political party, commanding the allegiance of a quarter of Swedish voters.

The 25 percent mark is of some interest: It’s about where Donald Trump stands in the most recent Republican primary poll and where Bernie Sanders stands in Democratic primary polls. It’s a little bit ahead of the 20 percent mark, where the Danish People’s party stands, and a little bit behind Nigel Farage’s UKIP, while in France, Marine Le Pen’s National Front took 25 percent of the vote in local elections earlier this year. Somewhere between one in four and one in five seems to be, for the moment, the golden ratio of pots-and-pans-banging politics.

For the right-leaning movements, the common issue is immigration. Senator Sanders, a professing socialist from Vermont, may seem like an outlier in this gang, but his views on immigration are substantially the same as those of Trump and by no means radically different from those of Marine Le Pen, even if his speeches are edited for progressive audiences


The view from Malmö is not entirely surprising: In the Rosengård district, almost the entire population is composed of either immigrants or mostly unassimilated Swedish nationals of immigrant background, a largely Muslim enclave in the shadow of the nearby mosque. Less than half of those residents are employed and, according to the local press, only 60 percent complete elementary school. There have been riots and gang wars, along with ambush attacks on police and ambulance crews. As with the case of Donald Trump in the United States, the Sweden Democrats illustrate that when responsible parties will not confront the issue of uncontrolled immigration, then irresponsible parties will.

Someone Physically Broke The Law For Hillary

August 23, 2015

Top Secret information could only end up in her e-mail if someone was very determined to transfer it there:

Working on a classified project, I had an actual terminal at my desk, and could send email to my colleagues. But only the ones on that project, because the whole computer, network and all, was in a shielded Secure Compartmented Information Facility, a SCIF. The only connections to the outside world were telephones with push-to-talk buttons, and the power lines – which were specially isolated so that no signals could leak out.

The effect was an air gap – there were no electronic connections to the outside world, so there were no pathways for secrets to escape by electronic means. Someone would have to carry a document, or a disk drive, out of the room, and we had guards and such to see they didn’t.


This information would always be air-gapped. There is no (legitimate) way that a computer system could be connected to TS//SI//TK//NOFORN data and to the outside world.

What can happen is that someone copies information, onto a piece of paper or a thumb drive (actually systems that can handle TS shouldn’t have thumb drives either, but it’s too easy to sneak one in or out) and then copied into an email in an uncontrolled system – a cell phone or a laptop or an iPad. The person doing it has to know that it’s coming from a secure system, has to know how sensitive the data really is; they go through lots of training, repeated reminders, and come and go to the office through a freaking vault door that would do credit to a bank.

It has to be done on purpose, and it has to be done knowingly. There has to have been conscious intent to do it.

That, folks, is a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information, for which the prescribed punishment is to be “fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.” Which applies both to the sender, and to the recipient.

Poll: Which Hostile Countries Can Blackmail Hillary?

August 21, 2015

Hillary may have “wiped” thirty thousand “personal” e-mails, and concealed another thirty thousand work-related e-mails from FOIA requests. But many countries probably hacked her bathroom server, and have all her juicy e-mails to Huma Abedin. So:

Which hostile countries can blackmail Hillary? (check all that apply)

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A Reminder

August 19, 2015

If Mitt Romney had won 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, he would still have lost. If he had increased his share of the white vote by 4 points, he’d be president today.

Video: Watch Hillary Lie

August 19, 2015

Is the pressure getting to Hillary? She was very testy with [Only] Black Lives Matter activists (“I will talk only to white people about how we’re going to deal with the very real problems.”), and she’s making sarcastic comments about wiping a server with a cloth…

If you’ll recall, during her last campaign, she broke down and cried. I wonder what she’ll do this time…

We Suggest, They Comply

August 18, 2015

More than a decade ago, I proposed a simple, humane, cost-effective plan to end illegal immigration:

Step 1: A fake Social Security number is necessary to get a job. Implement a computerized system for employers to check if a Social Security number is valid and matches the name provided by the employee.

Step 2: Crack down on employers who employ illegals. Once you throw a few high-profile executives in jail, employers will become sticklers for checking Social Security numbers using the new computerized system. That’ll force illegal immigrants to “deport” themselves because they’ll be utterly unable to find work.

Since then, the Social Security administration implemented the E-Verify system, which allows any employer to check if a potential or current employee is authorized to work in the US. You can check yourself in E-Verify here.

Once the E-Verify system became available, large number of employers started using it. Eventually, Arizona required all employers in the state to use E-Verify, and states like Georgia followed. Here’s a map of E-Verify usage:

E-Verify is so popular that Barack Obama (!!) signed an executive order requiring all federal contractors to use E-Verify. In his first year in office.

More than a quarter of all employees nationwide now go through E-Verify.

Which brings us to the next logical step: Make E-Verify mandatory for all businesses, nationwide. Mitt Romney supported that idea.

And, now that Donald Trump has endorsed that idea as well, Scott Walker is jumping on the bandwagon:

“I’d enforce the law. … It means enforcing the law. E-verify, making sure every employer in this country upholds the law.”

From a gleam in my eye, to conventional wisdom in both parties. Yes, we can!

“Platte River Systems” Kept Its Servers in a Bathroom Closet

August 18, 2015

Because that’s the best place to store Top Secret e-mails sent to the Secretary of State.

A British newspaper reported this, since our Lying Liberal Media is intent on covering up for Hillary.

Quote of the Day

August 17, 2015

Mark Krikorian, tireless advocate for a sane immigration system:

Maybe what is most remarkable about Trump’s immigration paper is that none of the other candidates beat him to it.

I mean no disrespect to his policy people, but anyone could have written it in a few days, a week maybe. The material is easily found online and unlike, say, health care policy, it’s really not that complicated.

Which suggests that the campaigns of most of the other leading candidates hoped they could avoid offering an actual plan, finessing the issue instead by mouthing platitudes for the yahoos without specifics that might upset donors.