North Korea Goes Full Truther

December 2, 2014

In this site’s long and proud tradition of reprinting dispatches from KCNA, the North Korean “news” agency, here’s the latest gem:

It is just the U.S. imperialism, chief mastermind of evils, that poses a serious threat to humankind’s existence, said Kim Hyok Hwan, a department director of the C.C., DPRK Red Cross Society.

Referring to the fact that the deadly Ebola virus has been reported to be spread by the U.S., stunning the world community, Kim told KCNA:
As an aide to ex-President Reagan disclosed, the U.S. has been bent on the development of bio-weapons for its supremacy over the world. In the course it invented a progenitor of Ebola virus for the purpose of launching a biological warfare.

The U.S. Department of Defense paid 140 million dollars to a foreign pharmaceutical firm for research into Ebola virus and chose African countries as a bio-weapon testing ground, according to a Liberian professor.

The world media reported that Ebola cases broke out after some American members of the Medecins sans frontieres (MSF) toured Africa.
Russian, Singaporean and American newspapers criticized that the U.S. developed anti-Ebola virus vaccine through experiment on Ebola contagion, but has prevented this vaccine from being known to the world, only for its own interests.

As admitted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. imperialists have long conducted vivisections with fatal epidemics, inflicting untold sufferings on mankind.
AIDS, known as pest in the 20th century, was also developed by the U.S. imperialist homicides, and it still remains an incurable epidemic.

Read Darren Wilson’s Testimony

November 25, 2014

Page 195 of the grand jury transcript.

Here’s a summary. Eyewitnesses backed up Wilson.

Proved: Pollsters cook their polls

November 16, 2014

Great minds think alike (eventually)

November 14, 2014

PoliPundit, January 2011: Unfortunately (for the nation, but fortunately for Republicans), I think an increasingly monolithic white vote will be a feature of future elections across the country, as Democrats cater more and more to their core racial constituencies. That’s why the Midwest went so overwhelmingly Republican in 2010. Every time Obama defends illegal...

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Liberals ❤ Science

November 12, 2014

Unless it involves actual progress:

Ian Somerhalder, star of The CW series “Vampire Diaries,” has publicly shown his opposition to a proposal to set up a fracking well in St. Tammany Parish.

Somerhalder attended a public meeting Wednesday at Lakeshore High School, where many in the crowd waved signs against fracking, Times-Picayune reported ( ).

Somerhalder’s presence “could explain why there are more teen-agers at this meeting than at earlier meetings” about the proposal by Helis Oil & Gas Co., a reporter wrote in a comment to an earlier story, posted as live coverage.


Some people in the crowd hissed when the company’s second speaker, Adam Bourgoyne — a retired dean of Louisiana State University’s engineering school — said Helis had chosen a good, safe site, ‘ The Times Picayune reported.

John Connor, a geotechnical and environmental engineer for a consulting company, said the well would use about 5 million gallons of water from a private pond.

Some people in the crowd shouted when Connor said fracking chemicals “absolutely can’t” get into groundwater through the well’s triple barrier of pipes and casing.


November 6, 2014

Obamacare cuts a swathe through Democrats

November 5, 2014

Which was the most surprising election result of 2014?

November 5, 2014

Click Comments and discuss. Some suggestions (RCP has all the results in concise form):

Ed Gillespie within a point of Mark Warner in Virginia
Mitch McConnell won by 15
Paul LePage remains Maine’s governor
The polls in Colorado leaned Democrat for a change
Rick Scott held on in Florida
Scott Walker won by 6 in Wisconsin
John Kasich won by 31 points (!) in Ohio
Republicans picked up at least 3 governorships
Republicans picked up 9 Senate seats
Republicans likely won 248 House seats, the most since 1930
Michael Grimm won his House seat by 13 points in New York
Republicans set more records in state legislative races than I can list here
My state senator, Andy Hill, easily overcame millions of attack dollars from hyper-liberal billionaire Tom Steyer

We Predict, They Comply

October 27, 2014

PoliPundit, March 26th: There are election cycles – 2006, 2012 – when some Republican candidates’ big mouths ruin it for everyone. They say the wrong thing, a la Todd Akin, and give the Lying Liberal Media the material it needs to elect Democrats nationwide. But, this year, luck seems to be with the Republicans....

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Another politician done in by immigration?

October 27, 2014

And the latest potential addition to the long list of politicians done in by their support for amnesty is… Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH): Brown trailed by twelve points in the WMUR Granite State Poll, released on July 1. Two weeks later, he became the first Republican Senate candidate to release an...

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Out, Damn Scot!

September 19, 2014

William Wallace is turning over in his grave. Whatever happened to freeedoooommm?

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I will celebrate Scottish independence

September 8, 2014

Because England will finally be free from the Scottish yoke.

Scots already get to have their own parliament, and substantial autonomy. They decide English matters in the British parliament, while the English have no say in the Scottish parliament.

Moreover, today’s Scots are hard-left socialists who’re almost entirely responsible for the Labour party’s successes in Britain. What would happen if Scotland declared independence on the 18th of this month? Well:

Scottish independence would also transform the electorate in U.K. elections, with only the remaining 59 million Britons eligible to vote. Scottish voters are currently much more hostile than the U.K. electorate overall to free markets — Scots view capitalism as the basis for the Thatcher government’s decision to close unprofitable Scottish industries in the 1980s. Currently, Scotland sends only one Conservative member of parliament to Westminister. The departure of Scottish MPs from Westminster would be dramatic: If 59 Labour-party and Scottish National MPs from Scotland leave Westminster, Tories in the current House of Commons would go from being 21 seats short of a majority to having an outright 20-seat majority. “It is unlikely that without Scotland the rest of the United Kingdom would elect a majority Labour government anytime soon,” says Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute.

Prime Minister Cameron insists he would not resign from office should Scotland vote itself out of its 300-year-old union with Britain, but there would be enormous public pressure for the “man who lost Scotland” to leave.

That would be an added bonus to Scotland’s independence, since increasingly Cameron — with his milquetoast views on the EU and his enthusiasm for climate-change regulation — has less and less of a claim to being a true ally of liberty. His departure would give British conservatives a chance to elect a new leader who might have a chance of limiting the number of votes lost to the thriving United Kingdom Independence Party and keeping Labour out of office. That could be a so-far-unexplored silver lining of Scotland’s “yes” vote for independence.

PoliPundit regulars might remember that I’ve been beating this drum for some time.

The hour is near. Freedommmmm!