Dear Prudence, 21st Century Edition

February 9, 2015

Crusades and jihads

February 8, 2015

According to our president, evil Christians perpetrated the Crusades, while noble Muslims oppose ISIS. Aside from the fact that the Crusades happened several hundred years ago, and ISIS enslaves and burns people alive today, let’s compare the Crusades to Muslim conquests. The Crusades briefly returned Christianity’s holiest sites to Christian hands after Muslim armies...

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Marxist Pope demands food for everyone

February 7, 2015

Of course. I recommend he start by asking his Marxist buddies in Venezuela why their people don’t have food.

Any “rape” hyped by the Lying Liberal Media is a LIE

February 5, 2015
Any “rape” hyped by the Lying Liberal Media is a LIE

Remember that rape chick who carries around a mattress for course credit? The one who was invited to the State of the Union by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)? Of course, she LIED: Sulkowicz has said in interviews that she was too embarrassed and ashamed to talk to anyone about the rape, let alone report...

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How upper-middle-class liberals are destroying America

January 30, 2015

I’d rather support Satan for president

January 29, 2015

Quote of the day

January 28, 2015

The soon-to-be highest law enforcement officer of the land:

“The right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here.”

The first part of that quote (“right to work”) is Socialist claptrap.

The second part (“obligation to work”) is Communist claptrap.

What she really meant to convey is liberal claptrap.

Why Republicans Might Have the Edge in 2016

January 26, 2015

Make no mistake: Demographic changes are slowly turning America into California. As racially-polarized voting intensifies, and whites become a minority, only leftist candidates will be able to win the presidency.

(Illegal aliens can’t vote, but the electoral college is apportioned between the states based on their entire populations, not just the populations of voters. So the 3-4 percent of American residents who are illegal aliens give a disproportionate amount of influence to states like California and New York.)

But, in 2016, Republicans still have a shot of winning, perhaps better than an even chance.

That’s because of the Democrats’ likely nomination of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton checks an obviously helpful demographic box: She’s female. But that won’t make up for her sheer… oldness. Clinton has been around forever, looks old, and will be peddling old ideas. And, after eight years of Barack Obama, America will be eager for a change.

Meanwhile, Republicans are likely to nominate a fresh-faced conservative like Rand Paul or Scott Walker. The contrast will be obvious, and should add a point or two to the Republican nominee’s vote percentage. The question is whether that will be sufficient to overcome demographic disadvantages. It just might be.

The New England Cheatriots Do Not Deserve to Play in the Super Bowl

January 25, 2015

Since 2007, their successes may have been almost entirely attributable to deflated balls:

Ironically, as my study on Wednesday showed, the Patriots’ performance in wet weather home games mysteriously turned ridiculous starting in 2007. In 2006, they went 0–2. From 2007 onward, they went 14–1.

The next obvious question becomes: Where were the Patriots in this statistic pre-2007? Take a look:


As you can see, the Patriots won their Super Bowls having a below-average rate of fumbles lost given today’s average of 105 plays per fumble lost. But in 2007, something happened to propel them to a much better rate. (You’ll remember, that just so happened to be the same year they went 16–0 in the regular season.) But even looking at these numbers, it’s clear how insane the 187 number is: They are almost running 100 more plays without a single fumble as compared with the 2002–2006 period when they won two of their three Super Bowls.

And here is the most damning chart of all, comparing the fumble rate of players when they were on the Cheatriots, versus their fumble rate on other teams.

If the Cheatriots win the Superbowl a week from today, there’ll always be an asterisk against their win.

The blog posts that earned 1,000 lashes in Saudi Arabia

January 22, 2015

Finally re-published for all the world to read! I especially like this part, given what the Marxist Pope has been preaching:

Look at what had happened after the European peoples succeeded in removing the clergy from public life and restricting them to their churches. They built up human beings and (promoted) enlightenment, creativity and rebellion. States which are based on religion confine their people in the circle of faith and fear.

And here’s what he has to say about the mosque that would have been built at Ground Zero:

What hurts me most as a citizen of the area which exported those terrorists … is the audacity of Muslims in New York that reaches the limits of insolence, not taking any regard of the thousands of victims who perished on that fateful day or their families. What increases my pain is this [Islamist] chauvinist arrogance which claims that innocent blood, shed by barbarian, brutal minds under the slogan “Allahu Akbar”, means nothing compared to the act of building an Islamic mosque whose mission will be to … spawn new terrorists …

Badawi for Congress!

Marxist Pope: Catholics should not breed “like rabbits”

January 19, 2015

Video: World’s stupidest people debate whether the moon is a planet or a star

January 17, 2015

Apparently, Isaac Mizrahi, one of the two idiots, is some sort of famous fashion designer.