College Student Writes 800-Word Op-ed About Being Oppressed By the Patriarchy All Day

September 10, 2015

“I go to class. We are discussing Islam in modern society. I chime in. A neighbor, who identifies as male, leans over from across the aisle: ‘You can’t be pretty and smart.’ He thinks he’s giving me a compliment. There is an awkward pause as he waits for me to meekly deny my sexuality. I do not comply. He turns away. I’m not sure he actually listened to anything I said.”

The horror!

(via NRO)

Is The West Dead Yet?

September 8, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson states what everyone knows, but will not say:

Westerners are hoist on their own petards of “fairness” and “equality” in the age of globalization and instant communications: If Sudanese or Oaxacans are deprived of free annual check-ups or are in need of climate-change instruction, then Brussels and Washington are just as culpable for their plight as if they had shorted their own Slovakians or Alabamans.

Elites who are exempt by virtue of their money and influence from the consequences of living among millions of displaced Africans, Arabs, or Latin Americans berate ad nauseam their less-well-connected, supposedly illiberal fellow citizens. But note that no elite Westerner wants to face the cause of the malady: namely, that the failure in the Third World to adopt Western ideas of consensual government, equality between the sexes, free-market capitalism, individual liberty, and transparent meritocracy logically leads to mayhem and poverty.

Westerners are afraid to explain why the non-West suffers and what it might do to end its own miseries. To do that would be imperialistic and neo-colonial.

Read the whole thing.

Poll: Hillary Now Losing To… Everybody

September 6, 2015

Trump Now Beating All Democrats

September 5, 2015

Why is this important? Because, for the first time, a Democrat win in 2016 doesn’t seem inevitable anymore.

Wal-Mart Commits Slow-Motion Suicide

September 2, 2015

Wal-Mart seems to have become a hyper-liberal company: They boycotted Indiana when that state tried to protect religious freedoms, stopped selling the AR-15 rifle (the most popular rifle in the US), and raised wages to $9 an hour to support the movement to increase the minimum wage.

Now they’re paying the price for that last piece of liberal piety:

Between raising its in-house minimum wage to $9 an hour and increasing its spending on training, Walmart took on an extra $1 billion in expenses and subsequently failed to meet its earnings expectations. As the back-to-school rush gives way to the buildup to Christmas, Walmart employees around the country are seeing their hours trimmed as the company tries to recoup some of the losses it imposed on itself. Employees say they are being sent home early from their shifts or told to take extra-long unpaid lunch breaks, and they say that individual stores have been ordered to cuts hundreds or even thousands of man-hours. That’s not what was supposed to happen.

I will not shop at Wal-Mart and subsidize the forces that are trying to destroy my country and my way of life. How about you?

September Will Be Bad For Stocks

September 2, 2015

Says… history:

August ended with more than a 5 percent loss on the S&P 500, the worst performance for the month in 17 years and down 7.5 percent from its July high. According to Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader, after August losses of this magnitude since 1928, September sported a positive return only 4 out of 13 times, posting an average loss of 5.4 percent. When they rallied, stocks only rose above August’s close by an average of 1.4 percent. When they fell, the drop averaged 8.3 percent.

Why We Need The Castros

September 1, 2015

In the same way Europe needed Gaddafi:

So long as Qaddafi kept order in Libya and Turkey was willing to contain most of the Middle Easterners trying to pass through, a spineless Europe could maintain the façade of immigration limits.


The Central American border surge in South Texas was our own decaffeinated, low-calorie version of what Europe is facing. And our elite is at least as weak and emasculated as Europe’s. But we are, yet again, blessed by chance — on our southern flank is Mexico, with a functioning, relatively strong state.


The only other country immediately to our south is Cuba, which holds the possibility of turning into our Libya. I don’t like the Castros any more than Qaddafi, but we might miss them when they’re gone if Cuba’s government unravels, the cartels establish a presence, and illegal aliens from around the world use the island as a jumping-off point. Which is why we’d be foolish to ever give up Guantanamo — we’re going to need somewhere to drop off the illegal aliens that’s not on U.S. soil.

Mark Krikorian: LEGAL Immigration Will Kill Conservatism

August 31, 2015

He lays out a long list of poll findings that indicate just how far to the left today’s immigrants are.

Krikorian is writing at National Review, a “respectable” publication. I write for a no-name blog; so I can say it more bluntly: Importing 100 million poor, low-skilled, under-educated, non-English-speaking, Socialist Third-Worlders would permanently stamp out the American way of life.

America as we know it would not survive, any more than native-American societies survived the arrival of European immigrants.

A Question for Hillary

August 30, 2015

That some journolist should ask her:

In a recent speech about racial inequality, you mentioned the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Freddie Gray.

How come Michael Brown was left off that list?

Proved: Chris Christie Is An Idiot

August 30, 2015

He wants to track all visitors to America “like FedEx packages.”

How? By implanting anyone who visits the US with an RFID tag, like people do to their pets?? Or maybe everyone will be outfitted with ankle bracelets at the airport when they land (“Welcome to America! Please lift up your pant leg.”)

And why?? Isn’t E-Verify good enough to prevent illegal aliens from getting jobs?

Christie’s “proposal” is so bad in every conceivable way – legally, technologically, politically – that the imagination boggles. Was he drunk or high when he made it?

Meanwhile, his Web site’s Issues page (ironically titled “Taking on the Tough Issues”) does not include the word immigration. In fact, the word appears to be verboten on his entire Web site. Just like on Scott Walker’s Web site.

Where do we find these “candidates”?? Whatever loony bin they escaped from needs to use their implanted RFID tags or ankle bracelets to track them down and lock them up.

How The Lying Liberal Media Lied About Globull “Warming”

August 30, 2015

Just six years ago, ABC News predicted $12/gallon milk and $9/gallon gas today, because of globull “warming.”

Enviro-Nazis are almost always wrong, and their “solutions” almost always make things worse.

Also: The ABC “news” network is still censoring the RACIST Virginia shooter’s manifesto, probably until after the 2016 election.

How to Sell

August 30, 2015

By getting people to trust you:

I started a routine sales call with a potential client (whom I reached out to with a cold email just the week before). He was head of marketing at a hot consumer startup. After the routine pleasantries, he announced that he talked to dozens of marketing companies, and they had passed on them since the internal marketing team were doing a great job growing the brand. He said he didn’t really think that we had much unique to offer and that it was pretty unlikely they would try us out, but he’d give us a few minutes of time. It’s not uncommon for sales calls to start out with a healthy degree of skepticism, but what happened next is uncommon.

I agreed with him. I told him that I read about his brand in the press and that whatever they were doing was working very well because they’d just been covered by a major news outlet. Then I asked him how in a crowded and competitive space and against huge established competitors, they were able to so well distinguish themselves. He talked for the next 40 minutes. I asked him a couple questions here and there, but he did 99 percent of the talking. He said he didn’t need to see a proposal and asked for us to send over the contract. Authorizing a contract without even seeing a proposal has never happened before. I had spoken for in total less than two minutes. How did this happen?


It starts with great questions. In a 30-minute call, the client does almost all of the talking. That’s the best type of sales call. I just guide them by asking insightful questions, and listening intently. By asking insightful questions, you can steer the conversation, identifying the clients needs and then eventually showing them how what you offer is a fit for their needs.

More importantly, though, when people feel listened to, they feel understood and validated. When they feel understood and validated, they like you. When they like you, they trust you. And when they trust you, they’re willing to do a deal.

Read the whole thing.