Investigate This

November 15, 2005

Ian Schwartz was kind enough to find the video from The Chris Matthews Show that I referred to recently in this post. In the clip Matthews makes the case for a Senate investigation into the administration’s statements leading up to the war in Iraq. Ian makes a very good point in his post accompanying the video.

Ian’s site, The Political Teen, is one that I visited often when following specific links to interesting video, but that I did not regularly visit just to check out what he had posted. That is a habit I have changed. Ian not only posts tons of interesting video clips on a variety of subjects, but he also provides interesting commentary and links to other blog posts and articles. He has developed a very informative site with a great format. If you have not bookmarked him, do so now and make it a habit to check in to see what he has posted. You will be glad you did.

UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to the new opening for Hardball. No bias or agenda there, huh?

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