Different Standards For Trapped Miners, Katrina Stories

January 5, 2006

Ed Morrisey makes an excellent point when he asks why those who are concerned about the incorrect reporting in the story of the trapped miners are not calling for similar accounting from those who misreported so much during Katrina. One difference is that the miner story was found to be incorrect within a matter of hours. Most of the incorrect Katrina reports were not identified as such for weeks, and in some cases, have yet to be conclusively either substantiated or debunked. The delay in exposing the inaccuracies was, no doubt, one reason there was no public outcry for the media to explain.

The other reason is the same as in the case of so much inaccurate and misleading reporting from Iraq. Just as in Iraq, the incorrect stories during Katrina helped further the storyline that Bush screwed up, and there is not much desire in the mainstream media to figure out why those stories were wrong.

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