PA 2006 Senate Race – Analysis

February 1, 2006

This race may not become one of the most expensive and closely followed in recent history. Money will be a critical commodity, but, since Democrat Bob Casey appears to be a weak candidate, his only claim to the Senate seat is his name and the anti Santorum sentiment of his fellow Democrats and PA independents. And it is the latter where Casey is the weakest with his fellow Democrats. My label for Casey is “Me too” or “Santorum very lite”. According to this news story, Casey said if he was in the Senate he would have voted to confirm Alito. Add his “pro-life” legacy position, and it is possible he will totally lose his Democrat backing as they rally and funnel resources to save Ed Rendell from defeat by Lynn Swann.

Oh, and if you did not notice last night at the State of the Union, Arlen Spector and Rick Santorum both were in the Senate delegation to escort the President into the chamber, and both senators were seen on camera together after the speech. Arlen certainly owes Rick for his re-election in 2004, and this display of teamwork may play well to voters.

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