Leahy And Specter Inspire No Confidence That NSA Hearings Will Be Productive

February 6, 2006

I would hope, but don’t expect, that the Democrats involved in the NSA hearings this week would behave more responsibly than Patrick Leahy did over the weekend. Leahy made an incredibly irresponsible, and even more puzzling, comment about the Bush administration knowing the names of the 9/11 hijackers and doing nothing about it before 9/11. Bob Schieffer gave Leahy a complete pass on it, too. I fear the MSM will do a similarly embarrassing job reporting on the NSA hearings.

Arlen Specter also made some comments over the weekend about the NSA intercept program that give me no comfort whatsoever that the hearings will serve a useful purpose. I hope I am wrong and that much is learned, and the public is educated, as a result of the hearings, but so far that is not the vibe I am getting.

I will be out much of the day, so consider this an NSA hearing discussion thread.

Update: Mark Coffey has posted a “quick and dirty” guide to the hearings. Pajamas Media’a NSA Files will be covering the hearings. Debra Burlingame says if it saves lives, do it. Link via Powerline.

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