Bush Needs To Go On The Offensive And Be Specific On Iraq

March 4, 2006

Read John Hawkins’ suggestions of ways the President can bring his poll numbers back up. I especially like the suggestion for a primetime address on Iraq. It is similar to what I suggested recently, but my suggestion was that he use such a speech to address several other topics as well, such as Katrina, the ports deal and the economy and that it be done periodically, like a modern day fireside chat.

Here is John’s suggestion to address Iraq more specifically. I understand why there would be a hesitancy to be too specific on Iraq due to the volatility of the situation there, but John’s suggestions are great. Read the other four suggestions, as well, at Right Wing News.

Get More Specific On Iraq: This one could have been covered under #4, but it actually deserves its own category. The media and the Democrats are teaming up to do the biggest hatchet job on a war since Tet. Call ’em on it. Slam them for being wrong about a civil war in Iraq. Have a prime time, televised press conference and bring some Iraqi soldiers and generals to talk up the war. Trumpet the troop cuts in Iraq to the heavens and say it’s proof that we’re winning. Accuse the Democrats of calling for troop cuts for political reasons. Pound the Democrats for risking victory in Iraq and playing into the hands of our enemies by calling for a timeline.

Most of all, explain what victory is to the American people: it’s not destroying the insurgency, it’s replacing Saddam with a Democratic government that can handle its own security. Explain that once that happens, the terrorists will have lost. That’s because their only chance to win is to get the US to leave before the Iraqis are ready, so they can then take advantage of the chaos that would cause.

The American people aren’t getting the full story about Iraq and that’s the way the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media want it. The Dems and the MSM are misleading the public, day in and day out, in an effort to make them think we’re losing the war. That’s why a speech every now and again isn’t going to cut it. The President needs to get specific, get aggressive, and regularly go on the offensive so that Americans can get the rest of the story.

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