Why I Have Not Written About Mouse-Owie Before

May 7, 2006

The jury in Virginia bought the lie that because he allegedly had a tough childhood, Moussaoui should not be put to death for his role in planning the 9/11 attacks, even though the punk clearly has no remorse, and indeed revels in the pain he caused so many innocents. I admit to hoping this jerk say the wrong thing to one of the other inmates, and catches a shiv for his arrogance, but that is quite frankly out of my control. I have accepted, however grudgingly, that whatever happens to this dirtbag will be better than he deserves. At least until the Day of Judgment, which the One who judges us all will have something specific and keenly appropo to apply this man. I fear the Lord because He is terrible in His might and glory; thsoe who delight in evil should tremble at the knowledge that their wickedness will find its reward in full, eternal, measure. But then, we are talking about some extremely foolish men.

Yes, it’s time to remind everyone just how absolutely stupid and blunderful these guys who become terrorists truly. But first, I feel the need to empty my nose in the direction of this loser Mouse-mouth. First off this guy is as total a loser as you can imagine. I won’t remind everyone how butt-ugly he is, since that’s obvious, but have you noticed his face is lopsided? I guess a few shots upside the head knocked his brain into Looney land, and sent his facial complexion into a bit of a slide. Which reminds me – when I shave I manage to get all the hair, and I leave alone the places I don’t want to shave, but this jerk doesn’t seem to know where to get the hair and where to leave some, so he’s sort of got this part slacker, part baldy look going. Not a winner. I figure he plans on his virgins in Paradise, because no woman here is going to give him the time of day. Also, I can’t imagine he has given much thought to how he will be received in prison. Sure, there are Muslims in America, but most of them don’t much like the notion of murdering women and children, which is pretty much the standard format for your average Jihadist. And he can forget about guaranteeing his food is ‘halal’ in prison – despite the kid gloves we use at Guantanamo, this genius has procured lodgings at a Supermax facility where guys of his sort are not mistreated, but neither do they get special privileges. The report is he will be in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, so I hope he loves his own rhetoric, since that will be pretty much it for his entertainment.

Which brings me around to just how stupid these guys are to begin with. The leaders are one thing; Yassar Arafat was a multi-millionaire when he croaked, so even when he finds out the Islamic Paradise thing is a crock, he’s still had a good time of it. And Osama bin Lousy, this guy was rich his whole life, with plenty of pleasures and privilege all the way. That’s how things are for the Jihadist leaders – they generally get the money, the power, and all the perks, while the guys who actually go follow their orders end up in prison, a hospital, or a grave. And until they meet that well-deserved demise, they live a life of drudgery and servitude, obligated to give their theocrat masters whatever they demand. Of course, this just fits neatly with a religion which commands what you can eat, when you must pray and in what direction, what you may wear and whether you have any standing to discuss decisions which impact your life and family.

So I could not really care less about Moose-face or Mouse-brain or whatever he calls himself. He’s going away to sit in a cell while the threat still remains, directed by men of privilege and arrogance, while those who do their bidding forge their own chains and prepare what amounts to an elaborate suicide. Whatever happens in their “cause”, these poor saps will end up used and discarded, no better respected than used toilet paper. What matters to me, when all is said and done, is the welfare of the good people, including those in America who treasure freedom enough to grant it in civility to everyone around them, those abroad who cherish that same dream and work to make it happen in their homeland, and especially those in our uniform who go in harm’s way, risking mortal danger in a life so honorable that generations later a descendant will make sure to point out to his friends that service by the veteran. America will prevail, and men like Mouse-poop will see all their plotting come to naught.

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