Florida Senate Primary Challengers

May 30, 2006

Most Floridians do not realize that Katherine Harris will have to defeat three other Republicans in the Senate Primary.

One interesting challenger is William McBride;

“McBride, 33, grew up in Florida as the son of migrant workers and built himself into a successful businessman able to put millions of his own money into the race, said Lew Oliver, chairman of the Orange County Republican Party.

“He has a lot of potential,” Oliver said. “He has the assets to run a respectable and credible campaign.”

If that personal money isn’t enough, McBride has access to millions more through his wealthy in-laws. McBride is the son-in-law of Stuart Epperson, co-founder and chairman of Salem Communications, the nation’s largest Christian radio broadcasting network.

Salem Communications owns more than 100 mostly AM radio stations across the country, including a dozen in Florida, broadcasting to an estimated 5 million listeners a week. The company also owns Christian-oriented magazines and Web sites.”

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