Words of the Debate

June 4, 2006

Ever wonder what other countries call illegal aliens?

The British refer to them as “illegal” migrants” which I think is much more appropriate than the PC term “undocumented worker.”

I wonder how many points in the polling can be attributed to the PC language?

UPDATE: Good post in the threads;

The important thing is that the word “illegal” is being used. Whether you use migrant, immigrant, or alien, it really doesn’t matter, at least to me. They all mean essentially the same.

The undocumented worker tag is not only PC, but is inaccurate for many of them – they have documentation, it is just fake. And, of course, it tries do ignore that they are here illegally – and, thus, that they are just like the rest of the law-abiding people here, except that they somehow misplaced their documentation.

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