Figuratively, Immigrant Soup

June 5, 2006

Polipundit reader “Chris” found an interesting item written by Edward Lazear, who is currently the top economist in the Bush administration, seems to strongly argue against the “Democrat Immigration Reform Plan.

From the Conclusion section:

“Mexican immigrants assimilate more slowly than other immigrants as
reflected in English fluency. They also have lower levels of education,
lower wages, and live in more concentrated areas than other immigrants. The
source of the problem seems to be US immigration policy. By admitting large
numbers of Mexicans relative to other groups on a family rather than job
the US selects a group of immigrants from Mexico who are already at a
disadvantage. The large numbers allow highly concentrated ethnic enclaves to
form, which is not conducive to assimilation.

emphasis added

America has been succesful because of the immigration melting pot.

Do we want a nation of soup or a nation of carrots, beef and salt?

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