New hires at CIS

June 6, 2006

Debbie Schlussel received an e mail as to why there was the increase in new hiring and job openings at Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). The ONLY reason according to the e mail is for the new workers to administer the new Guest Workers program.

Take a peek at the job listings at the govt. site. It is at (from there prompt to DHS/CIS). Normally they have 20 to 30+ various positions open at any given time within CIS. This week, however, there is over 100. Interesting that they are seeking massive quantities of Adjudication Officers GS-9/12, all over the country. Some areas don’t even specify how many openings are available. I haven’t seen this since pre-IRCA of 1986…AKA “AMNESTY”. It is no secret now., the decision has already been made. It WILL happen.

Since they are not beefing up on Deportation Officer positions, their direction/intention is obvious.

Just give the f—ing store away, and it makes me

S–t! we can’t even use the term ‘Alien’ any longer, in spite of the fact it has a legally recognized definition.

The American people have not been heard, and the bastards in DC are going to lick Vicente Fox’s boots, irrespective of what the majority of the voters wish. And THIS is a democracy?

“Path to citizenship” or “shot at citizenship” aren’t these euphemisms cute? Time for a 3rd political party while we still have a country left.

Think I’m gonna hurl.

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