Rush Does Not Mince Words

June 8, 2006

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh shared his opinion on various political outcomes related to immigration. He did not mince his words.

Now, the third option is that we go to conference and the House caves and the Senate bill is primarily… In that case that would be disastrous and no bill would be far better than that. I’ll guarantee you if the ultimate bill that comes out of there favors the open borders crowd, there will be hell to pay on Election Day in November on the part of both parties and people who support the open borders crowd. They will fry. That will be the end of their political careers. If a bill comes out of there that has a first emphasis on border security, the people behind that are going to be heroes, and they will triumph. But I’ll tell you, of these three options, no bill is better than a bill that’s dominated in the conference by the Senate side, and the whole notion that “we don’t have a bill, we don’t have any progress,” is absolutely absurd because a bill that bad would set us back to the point of fixing it would be… I don’t even want to think about how difficult that would be.

I pray the “majority of the majority” convinces the “minority of the majority.”

UPDATE:You can compare this to John Podhoretz.

Under no circumstances, as a matter of politics, is a failed immigration bill better than no bill.

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