Haditha + Hoax 494,000 and Counting

June 17, 2006

What do you get when you Google “Haditha + Hoax” ?

You get 494,000 hits as of 2pm EST Saturday, a tripling of the numbers since last week.

Hat tip: RepublicanPundit – x2

Update: If your interested in the headway, or lack there of, on getting the uncharged soldiers out of the slammer check out The Captains Journal I wonder if we’d get further movement if we ALL called the base and lodged a complaint with the base like the good Captain did? Hey where are the human rights and ACLU on this huh? Oh that’s right these aren’t child molesters, terrorist or rapists so they can’t be bothered.

Update#2: The WSJ has a piece on Haditha and the President, and Polipundit poster Caleb notes Black Five has posted an no hold barred opinion from Nolan School.

Update#3:.. ok so Oak Leaf had done his duty and reminds us all not to confuse Haditha and Hamdaniya which update #2 applies too.

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