Are Democrats Really Betting on a Failure in Iraq?

June 20, 2006

My friend John Fund thinks so:

Given the bland and limited language of the resolution, it is astonishing that 80% of House Democrats felt compelled to vote against it. If President Bush has staked the future of his administration on the outcome in Iraq, Democrats appear to have placed their political bets on the war continuing to go badly. Given the death of Zarqawi, the formation of a unity government in Baghdad, and possible developments in the search for WMD material, that is starting to look like a risky wager.

Democrats might recall they made similar bets that they could win the political debate over Iraq in both 2002 and 2004. They lost both times, and last week’s Iraq debate in Congress shouldn’t give them confidence that they have any better approach in this election year.

The General of the Cut and Run Party, Jack Murtha, definitely placed his bet:

Rep. Jack Murtha, the leading Democratic advocate of immediate withdrawal, is convinced that “we can’t win this militarily.” He told CNN last week that “we’ve been there three years longer than World War I, we’ve been longer than the Korean War and almost as long as the war in Europe.” He expressed frustration that “we can’t get [the president] to change direction. . . . In Beirut, President Reagan changed direction. In Somalia, President Clinton changed direction.”

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