Three “H” Followup

June 21, 2006
By and other blogs have been covering the Haditha Investigation, the Hamdaniya Detention and the “Hadji Girl” Video non issue. The “Three H’s.” Hey, one more “event” and we will have a better name. While bloggers like to see nice traffic statistics, we really appreciate when we receive comments. Here at Polipundit, we have visitor traffic in the five figures (Thank You!!) while the number of posted comments can sadly fit on your hand. Unfortunately, that ratio is typical of most blogs.

Our friend Republicanpundit has been following the Haditha Investigation very closely and has a constantly updating thread. Yesterday, he received a comment that any blogger would appreciate;

As a friend of one of the marine wives dealing with this media circus, I am glad that you are pointing out some highly suspicious inconsistencies in the Haditha incident. I am also glad that educated people like yourself are supporting the “accused” marines and their families. Because support from the American people is exactly what they need and deserve, trust me, I know. Thank you!

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