Iranian Stall Continues

June 21, 2006

I’ve put off posting anything about Iran because the situation just makes me sick. President Bush’s (and the EU’s) dealings with Iran mirrors that which former president Clinton took with North Korea in the mid nineties – carrot and more carrots. The North Korean took the carrots while secretly continuing on with their nuke ambitions, only to throw it all back in our face when they reached a position of strength. The problem with Iran is our stick is really a twig, sure we’ve got all kinds of military and other options, but none of them though have happy or even definite endings.

Today the Iranians have announced that they will review and respond some time in August to the recent deal proposed by the EU/US coalition. Bush has responded as saying August seems like more then the amount of time needed to get an answer. Duh! If you’re Iran though why give any answer when you can wait to see what happens with the missile launch situation in N.Korea? Due to corrosive missile fuels it’s bound to be resolved one way or another by the end of July, which not only buys you another two months, but also allows you to examine how your opponent handles the situation.

While the situation with Iran today does have it’s differences with N.Korea in the 90’s it might be wise to stop bashing Clinton over today’s situation, unless of course your prepared to turn the same eye toward Bush with Iran. What do you think?

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