LT Watada Is Without Honor

June 23, 2006

Earlier this month, I had made certain character assumptions of LT. Watada because he was a combat arms branch officer. Because of those assumptions, I reasonably assumed that he would perform all of his required duties until his unit actually deployed. I thought he had “honor.” I was wrong.

Earlier today, Knighthawk posted that LT Watada had refused “to obey orders to prepare for deployment to Iraq.” Failing to “prepare to deploy” is much different than “refusing to deploy” and he should now be treated based on that difference.

This individual has no convictions, he is a self serving coward. Instead of “missing movement” he will face a simple charge of failing to obey a lawful order. The most likely outcome is that he will only be stripped of his commission and thrown out of the US Army. Prison time is unlikely.

This man however, does not deserve the respect on the anti-war left. If LT Watada had been a man of convictions, he would have followed all orders except the actual deployment order. Now he is simply a typical “military screw up,” nothing more. This man is no different than a Private that tells a First Lieutenant to “#$%^ off” when ordered to perform “KP Duty.” He deserves the respect of no one.

LT Watada took the “easy way” out, because he neither believes in himself or his cause.

He refused to go to Iraq, he refused to go to prison for his cause.

Coward is his name.

UPDATE: The “good thing” about this is that he will never be able to say that he was thrown out for not going to Iraq. Prior to Watada, no officer had been thrown out for not going to Iraq, after Watada, the record is still the same. Now, there will be no public airing against the “war being unlawful.” He is simply “one of hundreds” of dead wood that the army throws out each year, he is no longer unique. Cindy Sheehan and all on the left should scorn this man.

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