Blood and Ink! Relations between Media and Terrorists Symbiotic

June 29, 2006

The Daily Dispatch from Americans Majority has a post about a recent paper published by the Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts that seems to prove mathematically the relationship between media coverage of terrorist actions and the reoccurrences of another terror incident. The Granger math formulas are greek to me, but basic logic always suggested to me that the more you cover something like terror attacks the more likely they will be used again as a communication tool of the terrorists.

The media are used as a platform for securing a broad dissemination of the terrorists ideology. The media benefit from terrorism, as reports of attacks increase newspaper sales and the number of TV viewers. There is a common-interest game, whereby both the media and terrorists benifit from terrorist incidents and where both parties adjust their actions according to the actions of their opponent

The research also found that in less developed counties attacks need to be bloodier then in Western nations to get the same levels of coverage. It’s an interesting read even if the conclusions are not surprising.

Speaking of the media, Ralph Peters ripped into them nicely yesterday.

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