Felipe Calderon Wins Recount

July 6, 2006

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon built an insurmountable lead in Mexico’s presidential vote count Thursday, but his leftist rival vowed to challenge the results in court.

With 99.56 percent of the vote counted, Felipe Calderon would win even if all the remaining votes went to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Democratic Revolution Party. He had 35.82 percent of the vote, compared with 35.37 percent for Lopez Obrador.

Lopez Obrador supporters wept in the streets, saying they wouldn’t let him be robbed of victory.

180,000 vote lead and Obrador wants to goto court? Note the “robbed” language, I guess there’s not going to be a “Democratic Revolution” this year unless of course it’s engineered by the courts. Next Obrador I’m sure will be suggesting they just keep recounting until he wins.

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