Built in Tapping Functions – Enough is Enough

July 10, 2006

The FBI now wants all manufacturers of routers and other addressable hardware upgraded, modified or upon new manufacture to have built in Internet wiretapping features. I can’t tell you how dangerous such “features” will be to the infrastructure of the internet both from a “hacker” and electronic warfare perspective, not to even mention the potential abuse from our own government. What this translates too is that your next wireless router or cable modem or even Xbox you buy for home, or for that matter you next corporate firewall will have a nice little backdoor embedded in it.

This as well as other new requirements the FBI is proposing will cause additional burden on telco’s, and in my view hurt American hi-tech companies with foreign sales. Who shall we thank for this? Apparently Sen. Mike DeWine will introduce the neccessary legislation.

3 Responses to Built in Tapping Functions – Enough is Enough

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