(BREAKING) Administration Caves On NSA Wiretaps AND Tribunals

July 13, 2006

{Crossposting on NSA from Jay at Stop The ACLU}

If Arlen Specter is happy about this it can’t be much of a good thing. Some of us are wondering what happened to Bush’s spine. This was an issue he was so stubborn on for so long. Why the sudden about face? It won’t take long for the ACLU to applaud this decision followed by how many other things they still have to work on.

The ACLU and liberals can now rejoice!!!

“Announced by Arlen Specter, reported by CNN and Fox. Hasn’t hit the wires yet but I should have a link soon. Specter called the negotiations with the White House “torturous.””

UPDATE: In the second cave of the day, the Bush Administration, abandons its friends in the House of Representatives and deals a severe blow to troop morale:

Two GOP senators said Thursday that senior Bush administration officials agreed to back legislation that would prosecute suspected terrorists under a court system based on the military’s code of justice.

Sens. John McCain and John Warner cited recent meetings with Stephen Hadley, the president’s national security adviser, and other top administration officials. The White House agreed to a measure that would prosecute detainees using a system based on the existing Uniform Code of Military Justice, they said, which would extend more rights and protections to defendants than the military commissions established by the Pentagon.

Well, trouble comes in “threes,” what will be the next thing to happen? I am disgusted.

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