Lebanon, Kebobs and Army Uniforms

July 19, 2006

Debbie Schlussel is reporting that many of the evacuees from Lebanon are Hezbollah Supporters and that the US Government is going to waive the Congressionally passed requirement that re-imbursement be obtained.

I wonder if taxpayer dollars will be used to evacuate this “undocumented taxpayer:”

“They concealed more than $16 million in cash received by the restaurants, converted it into cashier’s checks and larger bills, and then took it to Lebanon, the indictment alleges.”

“Local prosecutors can’t arrest Chahine because he is in Lebanon and the United States and Lebanon don’t have an extradition agreement, Chadwell said.”

who has ties to terrorists:

“Chahine, 51, of Dearborn Heights was charged in May with tax evasion, but prosecutors later linked him to Hizballah in court documents, partly based on that meeting.”

Hey, the Department of Defense can easily afford to burn up budget dollars evacuating these people. After all, US Army Commissioned Officers (it includes all branches) receive a one time $400.00 Uniform Allowance that is expected to keep them clothed for the life of their service and that is saving the Department of Defense a whole lot of money.

DOD has “choices” and evacuating Hizballah supporters surely deserves priority funding over providing boots for Officer Soldiers in the Global War on Terror.

UPDATE: In the first half hour of his show, Rush is reporting that some of the US Citizens that are being evacuated have complained about the “cramped” conditions. Hmm, now I am wondering if they will “demand” that they get “free” transportation back to Lebanon when hostilities stop?

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