Some Other Questions on “The Path to 9/11″

September 9, 2006

Did Senator Reid and the other signatories to his threatening letter see the miniseries?

Why is the typical liberal response on this matter “Republicans (or the right) did this with the Reagan program” (which is a lie) as if that is ok?

Is it now ok for elected members of Congress to dictate the content of network programming?

If liberals are now against “politicizing” 9/11, what about the last several years of public comments they have made doing exactly that?

Will any elected Democrat, now on record for “accuracy” repudiate their supporters who think the Bush administration carried out the 9/11 attacks?

Will any members of the media, the same ones decrying the treatment of journalists regarding leaks, speak up in defense of freedom of the press?

Are Democratic voters happy the leadership of their party spent the last week focused on trying to censor a tv program in the alleged times of poor Republican governance? Shouldn’t they be focused on the “disaster” in Iraq, or the “rich getting richer” or something?

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