“Diary of a Girl Student”

October 7, 2006

Now that North Korea is in the news again, it’s time to take another look at its Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il.

Regular readers of this blog know that Kim is obsessesed with cinema (see Kim Jong Il – Cinematic Mastermind.) Regular readers also know that I like to keep up with the hilarious dispatches from KCNA, the official North Korean “news” agency.

Over the last few months, KCNA has featured several items about a movie called “Diary of a Girl Student.”

For instance, here we learn that “The newly produced feature film ‘Diary of a Girl Student’ is screened before full houses in Pyongyang every day, evoking lively response from people of all walks of life.”

And here we learn:

The newly released feature film ‘Diary of a Girl Student’ has been screened at cinema houses in Pyongyang from the last Sunday. The number of cinemagoers reaches tens of thousands every day.

TV billboard and hoardings on the facade of the cinemas further arouse interest of people.

The plazas of the Taedongmun, Kaeson, Rakrang and other cinema houses are jammed with movie-fans from several hours before the screening.

The film truthfully reflecting the life of a scientist’s family moves the audience to laughing and tears.

An official of the Songyo Cinema House said to KCNA that the ever growing audience has compelled them to increase the times of screening.

Kim Yong Ho, director of the Pyongyang City Film Dissemination and Management Office, said that he is so busy these days with continuous visitors and telephone calls for cinema tickets.

And here we learn that the film is “to be listed as a masterpiece in the Songun era.”

Why is the North Korean “news” agency so obsessed with “Diary of a Girl Student?”

The answer can be found here:

Kim Jong Il wisely led the production of the feature films so as to mark a turning point in developing the Juche-based film art in the new era.


Busy as he was with continuous inspection tour of frontline army units, he improved its script and guided its production to become a masterpiece of the times.

So, while he was getting ready to set off a nuclear bomb, Kim used his spare time to make a movie. And, unlike another frustrated-artist/mad dictator, Kim can get millions of people to “enjoy” his “art.”

UPDATE: A reader comments:

Is this Kim Jong’s movie version of “Girls gone Wild?”

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