About That Idiotic Wall Street Statue…

March 18, 2017

You know the one I’m talking about, the little girl petulantly standing in front of the Wall Street Bull. It inadvertently sums up everything that’s wrong with feminism:

  1. It’s a girl, not a woman. The face is quite grown-up, so it probably started out as a woman. But that must have provoked disgust, like whiny feminists do; so the libtard “artist” manipulated the facts, as libtards will do, and made it a girl.
  2. But it’s accurate! Women are just children with bigger bodies. Just ask Schopenhauer, whose essay from two centuries ago must be read by every man today (women are neither capable of reading it to the end, nor understanding its import.)
  3. In real life, the girl would be running away, screaming, “Daddy, daddy!” That’s what women do when they get themselves into trouble – rely on men to bail them out.
  4. She’s stopping the bull market. That’s what happens when you let women run companies.

This piece of “art” is a more accurate representation of women’s “abilities”:

One Response to About That Idiotic Wall Street Statue…

  1. Earl on March 18, 2017 at 5:41 am

    The problem with feminist movement is that it only represents liberal women. The left, including leftist feminists, tolerate all kinds of misogyny provided it originates on the left, or with a leftist constituency. Thus they’ll hang a conservative for saying “pussy” but turn a blind eye to things like misogynist song lyrics and worse systematic atrocities perpetuated on women throughout the world. So we have to believe all liberal rape accusers regardless of how flimsy their story is, yet a conservative rape victim is trailer trash and a slut. You couldn’t count all the misogynistic insults hurled at someone like Palin, all without a peep from feminists.

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