Maybe It’s a Good Thing Hillary Lost

November 19, 2016

Recent female CEOs in America have been… underwhelming. Each of the names below was greeted with hosannas from the Lying Liberal Media when she became a CEO. Each turned out to be a let-down.

Carly Fiorina – Made the worst decision in the history of business by merging Hewlett Packard and Compaq.

Meg Whitman – The only legitimate success story on this list. The woman built eBay. But she’s been a mediocre CEO at HP.

Nancy Pelosi – Not strictly a CEO, but an inept leader nonetheless. Frittered away gigantic majorities in Congress without passing amnesty and cementing a permanent Democrat majority in place.

Marissa Mayer – Made the Lying Liberal Media waste endless column-inches on gauzy profiles, while driving Yahoo into the ground.

Elizabeth Holmes – Turned out to be a fraud.

Hillary Clinton – Lost the presidency to a man she would have personally picked as the person she most wanted to run against.

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