SHOWTIME: Election Night Coverage

November 7, 2006

Last Call:

In addition to election results here on Polipundit, we will also be LIVE tonight, Tuesday, November 7th, starting at 9:00pm EST on our Teleconference system !!!

All you need to do is call-in; you can stay on as long as you want or you can hang up at anytime and call back again and again ..

Following the congressional and senate races in your state ? Call in and provide updates.

With many election result websites expecting a high volume of user traffic that will result in delays and TV coverage “eventually” getting to the race you are interested in, here is a terrific alternative to interact with your fellow republicans and conservatives and get immediate results as they are reported from across the country.

Just email me for conference call access information.

JOIN US TONIGHT FOR Election Night Coverage with ……………. ATTITUDE!

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