A Tale Of Two Counties (MI)

November 19, 2006

For a period of time, Oakland County Michigan was considered a bellwether of national politics. Over the last twenty years, I have not doubted that assertion but I have questioned it. My questioning was based on the large movement of residents from neighboring Wayne County. See, Wayne County is known for crime, poor municipal services, political corruption…… Yes, it is a lock stock democrat controlled county.

Now you really can not “blame” people for seeking a better life and moving away from such an environment. The problem is that when they move, they bring along all their political voting baggage. I just received an e mail today, outlining what has happened to a once solid majority in County Government:

We also lost two more seats on the County Commission, which is really bad. Does this mean we pulled a half-Welday? Had we lost one more it would have been a lot worse as that would have given the Dems the majority. Late on Election Night OCRP Chair Dennis Cowan called the other Mike Rogers and told him it was all down to his seat and to get over to the City of Farmington and find out the results. Not to worry as Mike even won a precinct in Farmington that he had never carried before on his way to sweeping all precincts in that city.

Not many incumbents could claim they won a precinct for the first time that night.

So now our majority on the Oakland County Commission is 13 to 12. As a party we absolutely have to do better next time.

If you live in Oakland County Michigan, now might be the best time to sell.

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