National Guard Addicts, They Can’t Stop The Surge….

December 31, 2006

Yes, there are a whole lot of National Guard addicts. However, the addicts are not those in uniform, they are the politicians in Washington.

For a long time, though in the last five years when the addiction has become clear, the politicians have lost sight that the National Guard and Reserve, by their very nature are designed to provide initial surge to allow the active component the needed time to ramp up.

During the last five years we have seen the Guard and Reserve “surge” while the active component has not been “ramped up.”

Why would politicians want to create a situation where the majority of soldiers in the Army are in the reserve components?

“We have the capacity to defend the country at a fraction of the cost, when needed,” Blum said in an interview with National Defense. “We are the best defense bargain … In a time of reduced resources, we become more of a solution.”

What is that “fraction of the cost?”

Giving them an opportunity to serve in the Air National Guard — a force that costs about 10 percent of what the active force costs because members get paid only when they’re actually on duty — makes perfect sense, Blum said. “That is a tremendous bargain for the American taxpayer,” he said, giving the country 24-7 on-call capability, ready to respond to a crisis, at a fraction of the cost of the active force.

Just like what happens to an addict, the reserve components will “burn out” if the surge does not stop.

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