Obama to be all about Bain in next debate

October 14, 2012

Say his minions.

I bet Romney would love to be thrown into that briar patch, because:

  • The insta-argument Obama supporters will give you is that Romney is rich, and he doesn’t care.
  • That’s where Obama’s been spending hundreds of millions of ad dollars.

    But, if it comes up, Romney can finally defend Bain in front of 70 million people. He can talk about Staples, the value of business, etc., and make Obama look like the socialist pig he is.

    If Romney’s tax returns come up, he can mention that he only paid 14 percent in taxes because he gave 30 percent to charity!

    If the “47 percent” thing comes up, I’m sure he’ll have a zinger or two to turn it back against Obama.

    The problem with these sorts of attacks is that everyone can see them coming a mile away, like Romney’s obvious (and thus failed) “Are you better off…” question.

  • Town hall debates are not meant for aggressive attacks.
  • They’re meant for Clintonian faux sympathy. Watch this video, and you’ll see what works and what doesn’t in a town hall setting:

One Response to Obama to be all about Bain in next debate

  1. Dismantle ObamaCare on October 14, 2012 at 9:41 am

    I am calling this debate out up front …the press will pack this thing with “swing” Long Island voters which means they’ll be excessive questions over gay marriage and abortion. Obama will get one tough question on Libya and play the whole “How dare you imply I’m hiding something” on stage which might work in this venue. It might backfire, but the press won’t report it up front. This is Obama’s last chance – there is no way he will survive a 90 minute discussion over his foreign policy. If Romney holds his own in this debate, Obama will lose total control of the narrative.

    I’m sure the Chicago thugs have one more trick up their sleeve on Romney. The question is when can they use it – if Obama is perceived as winning Tuesday or breaking even, they’ll hold off til after the foreign policy debate. Obama cannot defend his foreign policy for 90 minutes, especially with the Libya coverup brewing.

    This president is absol