Pass The Cargo Bill, Then Move On….

January 15, 2007

Concerning the “Bush Surge,” a “surge” by definition only, The Washington Post writes that “Opposition to plan surprises Bush team.” Surprise, surprise…….

Just as their was an outcry over the Dubai Ports Deal, of which my only complaints was the tone deaf politics, there is going to be a public outcry over cargo inspection which will equally “surprise” the Administration:

Washington DC lobbying groups representing Walmart and other big retail chains, blanketed capital hill with letters this week in a futile last ditch attempt to stop passage of a House bill calling for 100% screening of air and sea cargo which they said would “impose costly mandates on American business.”

“They say the price is too high, for them. But the price the passengers on that plane will pay is their lives, because that’s the way al-Qaeda could place a bomb on a plane.” said Representative Ed Markey (D)sponsor of the amendment which was passed by the new Democratic majority in Congress this week including one third of the Republic members.

But while the business interests lost this round, it appears the Bush White house will join the lobbyists in a fight to prevent the bill from moving forward in the Senate.

The White House issued a detailed statement opposing the bill’s requirement for 100% scanning of air and sea cargo, saying “such a requirement is neither executable nor feasible.”

When you keep telling the American Public that we are at “War with Terrorism,” the Public expects actions that resemble the rhetoric.

I am not saying if this is a good bill or a bad bill. What I am saying is that the President’s Party will pay a high price if he vetos this bill.

I also can not see many Members voting against such a bill. All you need is for one terrorist to “get lucky” just once and the Member that voted against this bill will go down in history as a pariah.

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