“Journalist” explains why he buried a story

May 8, 2012

Where two of his reporters were assaulted by a black mob:

FINLEY: This story has been blown out of proportion. And that’s not to diminish the fact that I had two reporters who got beaten. But what it amounts to is a — a street altercation, not a mob attack. No evidence too that it was a racial attack. So —


WATTERS: We spoke to some people today who said that, you know, there may have been some Trayvon Martin retribution. You had people on ABC saying that when people come around this neighborhood that aren’t from this neighborhood they better watch out. You know, if you have black mobs, five or six people beating up white people, you don’t think that the community deserves to know that?

FINLEY: Well, was it a black mob or was it a street altercation? There were a handful of people.

WATTERS: Your own reporters said that it was about 30 people on the street.

FINLEY: On the street, yes. But a handful involved in the fight. A handful.

WATTERS: But they were outmanned by quite a considerable amount of people.

FINLEY: Sure, sure.

WATTERS: And a woman was attacked.

FINLEY: A woman was involved. But again a simple assault, it was not a mob attack. And there is no way for me to know whether it was racially- motivated.

I’m sure he’d say exactly the same if the races were reversed, and a black man and woman were beaten up by a mob of white thugs…

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  1. invalid10 on May 8, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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