Live-blogging the Senate

June 28, 2007

9:45 Arlen Specter does not look happy. Complaining that 23 Senators switched their votes on the Baucus amendment in order to kill the bill. Complaining that voting Yes for cloture and then No on the bill is a time-honored tradition that all opponents should support. This is the last chance. Whine, whine, whine.

9:52 Feinstein on now. “Do the right thing.” “Many people don’t understand the bill.” “We are very close to the votes required.” This bill is a miracle cure that will solve all of the current enforcement problems. Begging for cloture votes and promising to consider more amendments post-cloture. Not exactly confident.

6:59 Jon Kyl loves the bill. Yes, we haven’t enforced existing law. But that’s because it’s too hard. This bill will solve all that. To those who say we should enforce the existing law, the existing law is unenforceable. Please vote for cloture and we’ll give you more amendments.

10:03 Hero Jeff Sessions takes the stage.

10:04 Psych. Yields to Liddy Dole. She’s reciting the failure to enforce the 1986 and 2006 bills. I didn’t realize she was on our side until now.

10:06 Bob Corker against cloture, striking conciliatory tone. “Today this is going to get down to 4 or 5 Senators.” People have lost faith in the ability of government to do what it says it will do. “This is about credibility, it’s about confidence.” “I believe that this bill is going to fail.”

10:09 Jim DeMint. Crisis of confidence in government. We need to be more sensitive to the concerns of the American people. Only 10 minutes time has been allocated in the debate to hear the concerns of the American people.

UPDATE from PoliPundit: DeMint says, “This immigration bill has become a war between the American people and their government. The issue now transcends anything related to immigration. It’s a crisis of confidence.”

10:11 Lindsey Lohan. Once the American people hear what’s in this bill, they support it by 2-to-1. The current law is unenforceable. Threatening conservatives this is the best bill they’ll ever have a chance to vote on.

10:17 Ken Salazar for cloture. Letters from public are filled with hate and with venom.

10:21 Sessions. CBO says this bill would bring only a 13% reduction in future illegal immigration. Border Patrol Association, leaders, say this bill will not work. The American people get only 10 minutes while the Masters of the Universe get 50 minutes to promote their side. Sergeant at arms says the Capitol switchboard has been shut down (crashed by volume).

10:24 David Vitter. Triggers are a joke. If the triggers are never pulled, amnesty is forever.

10:25 DeMint confident. Silver lining is that the American people have been re-engaged in government. Amen!

10:27 Durbin starts speaking and I think the No side’s 10 minutes is up. 23 minutes for pro-amnesty coming.

I have to step away for a few mins. Please continue in the comments section.

10:35 {AJ Sparxx} Mel Martinez is whining about doing something instead of doing nothing. How the illegals come here not to change the Country but to be CHANGED by the Country. Specter gave him another 3 minutes because Martinez is an immigrant himself. In the last hour, those who don’t support this bill have been called a hater, filled with venom, the gestapo by Ted Kennedy, and not educated in the true language of the bill. These people are pathetic.

Michelle Malkin reports Susan Collins and Judd Gregg are on the fence. Collins 207-780-3575, Gregg (603)622-7979. Please be polite. They are wobblers, not Lindseys.

10:43 Specter quotes Edmund Burke to say that representatives should use their judgment in spite of the will of the people.

UPDATE by PoliPundit: Funny how amnesty supporters say that the public supports the bill, then pat themselves on the back for defying the will of their constituents.

10:48 Specter again whining about 23 vote changes on the Baucus amendment.

10:52 Reid: don’t arrest little boys. Reid received a threatening letter. Lots of venomous and hate-filled letters. Immigrants are good. Telling some story about still having the watch that was up Christopher Walken’s ass.

10:57 {AJ Sparxx} Reid thinks because his immigrant father-in-law gave him a ring from his deathbed, we need to let 12million illegal immigrants legal. Yea, that makes sense.

11:03 Here we go! Can’t hear the roll call responses, but I think Brownback said “Aye.”

UPDATE by PoliPundit: Stevens No! Murkowski No! Smith No! Bayh No! Stabenow No! How high can we go?

{AJ Sparxx} Yay 21 – Nay 21 Yay 25 – Nay 26 Yay 30 – Nay 36

Webb NO Bond NO Gregg AYE

PoliPundit: Bingaman No!

PoliPundit: Burr No! Harkin No!

PoliPundit: Barrasso No! Collins No!

PoliPundit: Brownback No!

PoliPundit: Coleman No! Cochran No!

PoliPundit: McConnell No! Brown No! It’s a ROUT!

PoliPundit: Warner No! Domino effect! Will we get a majority against the bill?

PoliPundit: Boxer Aye. Never count on Boxer.

McConnell NO. This is turning into a bloodbath. Is there some new deal to vote No now and come back with another proposal later?

PoliPundit: Voinovich No! Hannity must have made an impression. Voinovich is one of the 7 Republican Grand Schemers who voted for cloture a few weeks ago.


“I’ll see you at the bill signing.” Yeah, good luck with that, Presidente.

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