What a Huge Week!

January 27, 2003

The Superbowl, Blix’s report, State of The Union (SOTU), Tony Blair’s visit. Could this week be any bigger? The Note is up at last (the Internet went crazy and prevented it from being up earlier) and says:

If you don’t believe us about to what degree Washington is waiting with baited breath, ask the experts: Elisabeth Bumiller uses her New York Times “White House Letter” to interview a bunch of former SOTU scribes for past POTUSes, all of whom say they would looooove to write this one, which they claim (slightly overstating things, we think) will be “the most historically important State of the Union speech that any of them can remember.”

(And keep in mind that NEXT year’s SOTU will come smack in the midst of the Democratic nominating contest, and start pondering the implications of THAT.)

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