Iran: Winds of Change?

April 26, 2003

(Via InstaPundit) With the seeds of US-backed democracy being planted in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan, the unpopular mullahcracy in Iran is very worried, says Le Monde:

Iranian officials are worried. Worried of the American presence next to their doors, on the East as well as to the West, worried of the invasion of Iraq “with so little popular resistance”, worried of the fast fall of the Baghdad regime, worried of the sidelining of the UN, worried of the total disillusion of the Iranian people that, since the beginning of the Iraqi crisis, has resulted in a fierce pro-Americanism of the population… but, especially, worried of the vox populi, that asks for “a change of the regime with the help of the American marines”, the daily “Le Monde” wrote.

They darn well should be worried. Iranian dissidents are only going to get even louder. They’ve planned a massive general strike on July 9 that just might be the final nail in the coffin of the Iranian regime.

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