My Take on the Convention

September 1, 2004

Tonight is a really important night…we hear from Zell Miller and Dick Cheney. It is believed that both men will concentrate on attacking John Kerry’s record of lying, flip-flops, and other disgraceful behaviors. Of course the elitist Kerry campaign will have a hard time responding, especially to Miller. My guess is that Kerry views Miller as a Georgia hayseed who will only be listened to by hayseeds. If that’s what the Nantucket elitist, living off his wife’s money thinks, then let him do so. Miller speaks for millions of Democrats.

Oh, and on this elitist note, you may have seen the ad at the Olde York Times which describes John Kerry as the “metro” candidate and George W. Bush as the “retro” candidate. I just want to send our liberal readers a clear message. I know you think you’re elite because you go to art museums, but do you even know what you’re looking at through your rose-tinted glasses? I know you think you’re elite because you go to operas, but trust me, you wouldn’t know the difference between chromaticism and serialism if your life depended on it. And you probably will tell me that you are well-read in the classics. Perhaps, but millions of “retro” American children would also have read them if “elitists” like you didn’t think the befuddled masses couldn’t handle what you perceive to be “racist” and “sexist” langauge. And most people in “retro” American might be able to pursue the fine arts if they were not spending their time working to pay the taxes you levy on them while you pursue your sham lifestyle.

In short, I think liberals are a bunch of preening, pretentious phonies, and since they love French so much, let me describe you using the phrase which the French have coined for your ilk You’re a bunch of petty “petite bourgeois.”

2 Responses to My Take on the Convention

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