Explain This To Me…

March 18, 2005

Michael “Kill My Inconvenient Wife” Schiavo has been able to get Judge “The Guilty Have Rights, Not The Innocent” Greer to see things his way on every major point of the court case. The explanation I keep reading, is that as Terri’s Guardian, Michael knows what’s in Terri’s best interest.

Leaving aside the insanity of thinking Terri would want a slow agonizing death, when she left no single piece of evidence to ever indicate she wanted to die instead of receive medical attention, to say nothing of keep receiving food, I have a question about the question of Michael’s guardianship.

Guardians do not get to make the decisions no matter what; if they are found to be incompetent, negligent, or even criminal, they are removed from that position.

With that in mind, consider that Michael not only has a girlfriend, she lives with him, and they have already had children together. In fact, Jodie Centonze calls herself Michael’s “common law” wife. Since Michael is still married to Terri, yet has another wife, why isn’t Michael charged with bigamy, and disqualified as Terri’s guardian on that basis? At the very least, it meets the moral level for disqualifiction as a guardian.

Explain this to me. Please.

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