The SF-180 Clock Goes Mainstream

March 20, 2005

The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that John Kerry is planning another presidential run:

John Kerry is already working hard on a resurrection. In a rudderless, leaderless Democratic Party, he is determined to fill the vacuum.

And don’t be shocked if he launches another presidential candidacy in 2008, despite the fact that no U.S. senator has ever run, lost, and won a subsequent nomination. History notwithstanding, however, it may not be easy for Kerry to simply walk away, not after winning 59 million votes – although there are plenty of Democrats who wish that he would.

Right now he’s uttering the ritual denials – he told CNN Tuesday that talk of his running in 2008 is “unbelievably premature” – but he already has engaged in the preliminaries: starting a PAC (a political action committee to raise money for fellow Democrats, and help him amass IOUs), starting an advocacy group to push pet issues, e-mailing the 2.7 million citizens on his campaign list, holding “town hall” forums (Atlanta on Monday), and delivering policy speeches with a political subtext.

But there’s a hurdle he has to overcome first:

he’s been dogged by bloggers who want him to authorize the release of all his military records, to clear up questions raised in 2004. He told NBC on Jan. 30 that he would sign military form SF-180 to do so, but he hasn’t yet. Most of the heat has come from conservatives, but Democratic blogger Mickey Kaus also is on the case, urging party brethren to “remove this increasingly pathetic figure from our national stage.” (The word in Washington is that Kerry will sign the form soon.)

Kaus was referring to my SF-180 clock, the one at the top of this page. Put it on your blog too, and hold the senator to his promise.

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