On the Other Hand ….

May 24, 2005

Let’s not forget that seven GOP Senators signing onto that deal means that 48 were willing to flick the switch and nuke the remnants of the old Democratic Party back into the political stone age.

And that group includes Arlen Specter and George Voinovich.

And the fact that seven Democrats agreed, in writing, no less, to de facto confirmations of three of the nominees whom the far left fears the very most means that Harry Reid was and is extremely close to not being able to maintain filibusters in the first instance.

Ergo, if Mark Dayton is replaced with Mark Kennedy, and Kent Conrad is replaced with Gov. Hoeven (or Stabenow is replaced with Jane Abraham), and Santorum is kept in the Senate, this deal will become moot as of Jan. 2007.
And that says nothing about potential GOP pickups in places like Fla., NE, MD, WA, and N.J.

With two more net conservative *votes* — which can be achieved even with a draw, from the standpoint of net *seats* — one of two scenarios automatically will be achieved:

1) The Democrats won’t be able to filibuster Jack Squat.
2) The GOP will have the votes to make the rule change.

Elections do matter.

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