June 15, 2005

Long-term Associated Depressed zombie-droid, Ron Fournier, put on his Pauline Kael glasses this morning, took a deep breath, and started engaging in pure liberal projection and cognitive dissonance:

Newsview: Bush’s Problems Has GOP Worried.”



The Democrat Party has not won a national majority since 1976, i.e., well before the vast majority of the DailyKos bloc were born.

The GOP has held majorities of the state governorships since 1994. The Democrat Party has lost eight net governors’ seats over the past 15 years, going from a 30-18 advantage to a 22-28 disadvantage.

The GOP controls a majority of the state legislatures for which single-party hegemony is applicable. Over the past 15 years, the Democrat Party has gone from holding a 21-8 advantage to a 19-22 disadvantage.

The GOP has won six consecutive U.S. House elections. In good times: 2000. Bad times: 2002. In the wake of impeachment: 1998. And despite being saddled with Chimpy McBushitler on their ballots: 2004. The Democrats have lost well over 60 net House seats over the past 15 years.

The GOP has not won less than 50 U.S. Senate seats, via the electoral process, since 1992. The Democrat Party has lost 13 net Senate seats over the past 15 years.

And all of that is despite the national partisan-liberal media, despite those bogus “polls,” in spite of academia, despite the unions, notwithstanding the 527’s, despite all that Hollywood, Manhattan, and Bay Area slush money, and regardless of systematic, organized election fraud by Democrats (e.g., Sanchez vs. Dornan, “Louisiana” Mary Landrieu, Tim Johnson vs. John Thune, Carnahan/Ashcroft, Gregoire, Feinstein (’94), the “Torricelli switch,” etc.). And, yes, unfortunately, notwithstanding the fact that material percentages of the GOP’s erstwhile base have to be convinced that voting matters.

The media is afflicted.

They’ve gone from bad to worse.

From biased to brain dead.

Shine on you crazy diamonds ….

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