June 16, 2005

Dick Durbin has joined Howard Dean in the realm of the absurd and politically suicidal by comparing Guantanamo to a Nazi death camp, a Soviet gulag, or a prison in Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

The White House is gleefully responding to Durbin, saying that “I think the senator’s remarks are reprehensible. It’s a real disservice to our men and women in uniform who adhere to high standards and uphold our values and our laws.”

Durbin, unlike Rick Santorum, refuses to retract his Nazi comparison. Needless to say, this is why Democrats will never be able to exploit any of the problems for the GOP this year or next year. So smitten are they with hatred for this President, so obsessed are they with his destruction, that they have lost sight of reality and touch with the soul of the American people.

While as a Republican I cannot hide my mirth at the political destruction of the opposition, it is truly a sad, pathetic sight indeed to see the oldest political party in the world come to this.

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