Textbook Bias

July 3, 2005

UPDATE: Since I wrote the original post below, the AP has revised its story. However, the bias has gotten worse. My criticisms still hold.

For a textbook example of liberal media bias, consider this story by the Associated Press’s Pete Yost.

Yost commits so many of the liberal-media-bias sins that drive conservatives to distraction:

1. President Bush’s potential SCOTUS nominees are described as “hardline Republican.” President Bush’s vote base is described as “far-right.” No such adjectives are used to describe liberals. In fact, have you ever heard a reporter use phrases like “hardline liberal” or “far-left” to describe ultra-liberal Democrats?

2. Only ultra-liberal Democrats are quoted. Democrat senators Patrick Leahy and Joseph Biden get to mouth off. No conservatives get to respond.

3. Yost reads ulterior motives into President Bush’s actions: “With Republicans holding power the White House and Congress, conservatives see the Supreme Court as the final obstacle to control of all branches of the federal government.”

Yeah, those evil conservatives are only interested in taking “control of all branches of the federal government” – a trope straight out of Howard Dean’s talking points.

4. The last word goes to liberals.

5. Even the headline is biased. If Republicans were threatening a filibuster, it would have read, “Republican Threaten to Filibuster.” Instead, it says, “Filibuster on the Table in Court Fight.” “On the table!” Well, who put it there?

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