The (Inverse) Gender Gap

July 12, 2005

By writing this piece, the AP has begun to scratch the surface of the “dirty little political secret” of the 2008 Prez campaign.

Barring some Perot-style third-party run or a political meteor strike, the story of the 2008 campaign will not be stem cells, or leaks to Robert Novak, or global warming, or gay marriage, or whatever else the media/academia cabal throws out there — like drunken participants in a game of darts.


Hillary will be the Democrat nominee. As such, the story of that campaign will be old-school farm workers in places like Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and old-school industrial union trades in places like Western Michigan, Southern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, and inner-city voters in places like Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland.

If you’ve interacted at length with one or more of those demographic groups, the above-linked article will not be at all surprising to you, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about too. If, however, you were born and raised in Oyster Bay Cove, went to school at NYU, have been trust-funded since birth, and now live on Park Avenue, well, you might be shocked — shocked!!! — at what the red state-blue state map looks like after Nov. 2008 . . . .

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