Fun With Email

July 12, 2005

Whoa! I must have arrived. My email is not as ugly as Michelle Malkin’s or La Shawn Barber’s, but it is getting there. Below is one of the most recent in response to my post from this morning. Since the writer challenged me to respond, and the questions were pretty short, I couldn’t resist. My answers are in italics.

You thought that the questions raised at Scott McClellan were disrespectful? Disgraceful?

As a matter of fact, I did. I thought so partly because of the tone used, but mostly because of the way they have covered this story so far. They have not presented the mention of Wilson’s wife to reporters (which did not even include her name in the Cooper case) in the context of explaining to reporters why Wilson was chosen for the job, but rather in the context of their conclusion that declared it to be retribution with the intent to ruin Plame’s career and to endanger national security. They have also, as Moran did again in the briefing, said that a wrong (even a crime) had been committed. That is shoddy, even dishonest, reporting and I do find that disgraceful.

No. Lying to the country is disrespectful. Starting a war in the wrong country, on purpose, that’s disgraceful.

Would the lie you refer to be the one that Clinton and Gore and the U.N. and John Kerry and almost every other semi-conscious individual in the world, including even the intelligence services for France and Germany, told about Saddam having WMD? If not, please explain. Bush did not start a war in the wrong country. He aimed at Iraq and hit the target. I believe that Saddam started the war by refusing to allow inspectors full and unfettered access and for not accounting for the WMD that Bill Clinton was sure he had when he established a policy of regime change in Iraq in 1998. Saddam also violated the terms of the ceasefire from the first Gulf War by possessing banned missiles and by repeatedly shooting at our planes patrolling the no-fly zone.

Being an apologist for a war criminal is both.

That is why I am not apologizing for Saddam Hussein.

Who did you blow to get your job?

I am a stay-at-home mom. You figure it out.

You’re welcome, of course, to respond. But that would require courage. Not exactly a strong suit for the republicans.

Actually to believe what you do, George Bush would have to be the most courageous person in the world to lie about WMD and invade a country knowing that he would find none and be accused of being a lying warmonger. I don’t think it takes any courage to respond to emails such as yours. I am not a particularly brave person, not like my husband who is a Marine vet, or so many of my family and friends are. What I do not have is enough time or the patience to respond to all the emails I receive. I made an exception for yours, in large part just so I could respond to your question about how I got my job. That response did require a bit of courage.

(I am withholding the name pending permission of the emailer to use it. That is Polipundit policy.)
Redding, Ca.

UPDATE: I asked the author of the email for permission to use his (I assume it is a him since it is a “jr.”) name out of courtesy. Not everyone intends for their emails to be published to the entire Polipundit readership, so that is our policy. Here is the response I got:

Since I have already given you my name. I feel your question is rather silly.

Here it is again.

T. Philp Jr.
Redding, Ca.

More email from the guy from Redding.

Of course you may use my name if you want to. I’m not a coward like many on the right.

But know this. I am currently a member of the International Private Investigators Union (Badge #____).

I will carefully monitor your use of my comments and all responses and actions that may arise from it. So be careful.

T. Philp Jr.
Redding, Ca.

I did not print his badge number, which he provided, because I want to “be careful.” What the heck is the International Private Investigators’ Union anyway? Maybe I should check the email address to see if they originate from a “facility” of some sort. I am feeling a little guilty now. This is not a fair match up. I vow not to respond to anymore “Monica” questions for the rest of the day.

Update: I guess I should be glad I didn’t get any of these.

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