Dodd’s hometown papers turn against him

June 23, 2008

When something stinks this bad, even liberal hometown papers aren’t going to cover for you.

Hartford Courant: Dodd doesn’t get it

Connecticut Business News Journal: Dodd rocked by mortgage scandal

Greenwich Time: Answers needed regarding Dodd

And the nearby New York Times: With friends like Angelo

Despite the unseemly connections between Countrywide, Bank of America, and Chris Dodd, Dodd is steaming ahead with his bailout bill, putting at least $300 billion of taxpayer money at risk to support bad lenders. President Bush has threatened a veto, but an override is possible some Republicans, like Senator Richard Shelby, still support the bailout.

Please write or call Sen. Shelby at (202) 224-5744 and ask him to stop supporting the bailout. While you’re at it, please contact your own Representative and Senators. You’re not likely to see a more important fiscal issue this year.

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