Stupid Poll

September 10, 2005

Zogby has just released what has to be one of the stupidest polls I’ve yet seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. But it’s actually entertaining.

The President’s job approval has dropped to 41%, mirroring the 39% in the Ipsos Poll and the 42% in the Times Poll.

However, Zogby then proceeded to match up the current occupant of the Oval Office with his predecessors.

In a match-up again Bill Clinton, Clinton would prevail 46%-44%. Of course, this is a Zogby Poll, so Bush would probably be ahead by four points in any real match-up. Just goes to show how much the American people miss the 90’s.

In a match-up against the first President Bush, the old man prevails 41%-34%. Of course, you will see the media reporting tomorrow that 75% of Americans would vote for a member of the Bush family for President.

In a match-up against President Reagan, presumably running as a Democrat from Chicago, the Gipper wins 59%-20%. In other words, nearly 80% of America would vote for a rabid right-winger for President.

n a match-up against Jimmy Carter, the one-time peanut farmer wins 50%-42%. Of course, 25 years have passed since the hapless clown was in office, so…

But, the incumbent still beats John Kerry 48%-47%.

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