I Blame Walesa, Reagan, and Pope John Paul II

September 25, 2005

For this.

No, obviously not for the *results* of those elections. For that I blame leftism as public policy. Heck, massive unemployment, social blights, higher relative crime rates, and rank corruption are endemic to having leftists in power. Just ask the people of Oakland, CA. Or Detroit. Or Philly. Or Los Angeles. Or Baltimore. Or New Orleans.

And leftists getting voted out of power directly as a result of the ghastly effects of their policies is nothing about which to be surprised. Ask Jimmy Carter. Or Gray Davis.

I’m blaming Walesa, Reagan, and the late Pope for the fact they even *have* elections in Poland.

* * *

Incidentally, young American leftists and old hippies should read that article very carefully. And if they’re not too stoned they should try to remember it.

In 20-odd years, the Chomsky blocs will suffer the indignity (for them) of having to read similar types of articles about places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

And then the reality of why we’re fighting a war in those places, and just how numbingly wrong they’ve been, might finally sink through the cement.

The cement lining their skulls.

History will have repeated itself — yet again.

Twenty years ago leftist college and grad students and thirtysomething protesters from the Vietnam era were ranting and raving about Reagan’s approach to the Cold War, in general, and to Eastern Europe, in particular.

Ask a Pole who is old enough to remember the communist secret police forces how they feel about democracy today.

When the left’s moment of clarity arrives concerning George Bush and the Middle East it’s going to hurt them.

Especially the McGovern blocs (who’ll be in their late-70’s to early-80’s at that time).

Imagine having your world views systematically torn apart by the relentless drumbeats of human events.

That’s the essence of modern-day leftism.

The politics of being dead wrong — about everything.

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