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New York’s Commie Mayor Now Torturing… Horses?

February 3, 2016

Things just got a whole lot tougher for NYC carriage horses:

Most carriage owners have two or three horses. They have two horses in the city and one on the farm. The horses rotate to the farm for their city-mandated fiveweek-minimum vacation, so many horses average four months vacation per year.


This bill would limit most carriage owners to a single horse. A few carriage owners would win the horse-license lottery and get to have two horses. Carriage owners would no longer have spare horses in the city to give their horses days off.

Instead of four months vacation, the majority of carriage horses would get only the minimum five weeks because their owners wouldn’t be able to afford to take off more than five weeks themselves without a horse to work the carriage. Worse, under the new bill, it would be the city, not the horse owner, who would decide when horses go on vacation.

It’s only a matter of time until horses are overworked or go lame. The bill would incentivize discarding a lame horse in order to be allowed to purchase and license a new horse.

About Trump…

February 2, 2016

NRO has some good advice:

Republicans had been starting to resign themselves to nominating a non-conservative of low character. Having been beaten, Trump no longer looks unbeatable. Nor does it require low turnout to defeat him, as had been widely assumed.

Republicans who have been fearful to attack Trump should drop their reticence. Republicans who have flirted with backing him because they dislike Cruz should find a new, more honorable strategy. And all Republicans should shamelessly steal those portions of Trump’s message that are both right and resonant. They should stand for an immigration policy centered on the interests of the existing American population — which means that “comprehensive reform” that increases low-skilled immigration should be off the table. Then, too, Republicans should make a pitch to voters whose main economic concerns do not include capital-gains taxes.

Poll: Which candidate do you prefer in the Republican Primary?

February 2, 2016

Which candidate do you prefer in the Republican primary?

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Will Hillary’s Gender HURT Her?

February 2, 2016

Conventional wisdom (including mine) has been that Hillary benefits immensely from being a woman, and that her gender can help her in swing states. But now, I wonder…

Conservative ideas are stereotypically male, while liberal ideas are stereotypically female. For the last eight years, we’ve endured a “female” presidency, with troop withdrawals, endless scolding about race, gender, sexual orientation, and “refugees”, and repeated exhortations to eat our metaphorical spinach. Hillary’s gender will subtly reinforce in voters’ minds that a vote for Hillary is a vote for eight more years of overbearing mothering.

Ted Cruz, meanwhile, represents the opposite in every way. He’s as anti-establishment as it’s possible to be in Washington, with ideas that are utter anathema to Obama, Hillary, and their ilk. For anyone looking for a change, Cruz is the obvious answer.

And I suspect there are more than a few voters eager for change. Obama is visiting a terrorist mosque today. Who knows how many other times he’ll poke the American people in the eye this year, hurting Hillary’s chances each time…

Republicans Want To Vote!

February 2, 2016

GOP turnout at the Iowa caucuses was 50% (!) higher than the record turnout in 2012, while Democrat turnout was 25 percent lower than in 2008, the previous contested Democrat caucus.

Add to that a national 11-point enthusiasm gap, the largest ever in favor of Republicans, and 2016 could be quite interesting.

And the Most Accurate Pollster Was…

February 2, 2016


On November 2nd, the reader poll was the first poll of any kind to show Ted Cruz leading the Republican field.

In fact, that three-month-old unscientific survey did a better job of predicting the Iowa results than the legendary Des Moines Register’s final poll the day before the caucuses.

We even predicted the percentages of the less-than-leading candidates: Rubio was at 21% (actual 23%), and Jeb was at 3% (actual 3%). We showed Ben Carson in fourth place (where he actually ended up), rather than leading or second, where most polls had him three months ago.

Iowa Caucuses Open Thread

February 1, 2016

Will Ted Cruz or Donald Trump prevail? Will Bernie beat Hillary? Leave your comment on this post.

Opinions Are Split…

February 1, 2016

…on Cam Newton, almost entirely based on the race of the opiner. Quoth a white player:

“You know who I like the way he celebrates is Peyton. He kind of gives the guy a handshake and goes back to the sidelines. I think that’s a great celebration right there. You don’t see him dancing. You don’t see him doing all of that stuff. Even when he gets a first down he doesn’t do anything.”

But black players see it differently:

“It’s a generational thing, and I just stick to that. I don’t think it’s racial. I just think that there’s a box that we put our quarterbacks in and we say, ‘This is how you’re supposed to be. This is how Peyton Manning did it, this is how Joe Montana did it, Tom Brady, so you do it the same way.”

Would the black player have reacted the same way if Cam Newton were white? Color me skeptical.

Facebook Censored This Video

January 29, 2016

So here it is:

America is a Thirld-World Country Now

January 26, 2016

Malaysia is a relatively modern nation, with what was recently the world’s tallest building.

However, Malaysia’s politics, like those of many East-Asian countries, belie its progress, and are thoroughly Third-World. The main opposition leader was jailed on trumped-up charges of gay rape (really!) And now the country’s Attorney General says that $681 million found in the Prime Minister’s personal account, was a mere personal “gift” from the Saudi Royal Family. The Prime Minister has been cleared of all charges, and is busily expanding his power.

Which brings me to my point: How is the behavior of Malaysia’s Attorney General in investigating the Prime Minister’s crimes different from the behavior of America’s Attorney General in investigating Hillary Clinton’s crimes?

Ad of the Day

January 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Aides Broke the Law

January 24, 2016

By stealing very, very secret information from secure storage facilities so that they could send it to her bathroom-closet server:

To work around the closed, classified systems, which are accessible only by secure desktop workstations whose hard drives must be removed and stored overnight in a safe, Clinton’s staff would have simply retyped classified information from the systems into the non-classified system or taken a screen shot of the classified document, Fournier said. “Either way, it’s totally illegal.”

FBI agents are zeroing in on three of Clinton’s top department aides. Most of the Clinton e-mails deemed classified by intelligence agency reviewers were sent to her by her chief of staff Cheryl Mills or deputy chiefs Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan.

In one e-mail, Clinton pressured Sullivan to declassify cabled remarks by a foreign leader.

“Just e-mail it,” Clinton snapped, to which Sullivan replied: “Trust me, I share your exasperation. But until ops converts it to the unclassified e-mail system, there is no physical way for me to e-mail it.”

In another recently released e-mail, Clinton instructed Sullivan to convert a classified document into an unclassified e-mail attachment by scanning it into an unsecured computer and sending it to her without any classified markings. “Turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” she ordered.

Top Secret/SCI e-mails received by Clinton include a 2012 staff ­e-mail sent to the then-secretary containing investigative data about Benghazi terrorist suspects wanted by the FBI and sourcing a regional security officer. They also include a 2011 message from Clinton’s top aides that contains military intelligence from United States Africa Command gleaned from satellite images of troop movements in Libya, along with the travel and protection plans for Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was later killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi.

“Refugees” Poop in German Swimming Pool, and…

January 24, 2016

Sexually harass women, of course. That is de rigueur.

But it could have been much worse. No one was shot, stabbed, beheaded, or bombed. Yet.

Meanwhile, in Taiwan…

January 23, 2016

The Taiwanese have had enough of Chinese bullying, and finally voted a pro-independence party into power. Apparently, a 16-year-old pop singer’s video played an important part!

Just How Much Trouble is Hillary In?

January 21, 2016

Trailing in Iowa and New Hampshire, she’s now agreeing to previously-unscheduled prime-time debates in order to make us lost ground.