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We Suggest, They Comply

April 17, 2015

PoliPundit, a year ago:

There’s a much quicker, painless, certain way to carry out executions.

The state of Oklahoma, today:

Death by nitrogen gas became an alternative method of execution in Oklahoma under a bill Gov. Mary Fallin signed Friday afternoon.

Lethal injection will remain the primary method for carrying out the death penalty in the state.

But should that be ruled unconstitutional or otherwise become unavailable, the state could gas the inmate with nitrogen through a mask or place the condemned person in a nitrogen-filled tent.

The gas would displace oxygen and kill the convict.

Quote of the Day

April 12, 2015

John Dickerson, the new host of CBS’ Face the Nation, in 2013:

The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.

Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition’s most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least temporarily, in disarray.

This approach is not a path of gentle engagement. It requires confrontation and bright lines and tactics that are more aggressive than the president demonstrated in the first term.

The man who wrote this will be questioning various Republican politicians every Sunday on national TV. One assumes that the broadcast network “news” people are ultra-liberal. But to hire such a hyper-liberal, ultra-partisan, extremist is such an act of brazen partisanship that CBS must be made to pay for it.

For starters, every Republican who goes on Face the Nation should start answers with juicy John Dickerson quotes. For example, “John, I know you wrote recently that you hoped President Obama would ‘pulverize his opponents.’ But that seems like a very biased question, even for a hyper-liberal Democrat partisan like you.”

And, if there’s ever a Republican president again, the Department of Justice should subject CBS to the modern-day equivalent of an auto-da-fe by keeping the network’s lawyers permanently in court with damaging prosecutions.

CBS delenda est.

How to Cut Tens of Billions of Dollars from Government Budgets

April 12, 2015

Ask able-bodied, unemployed, childless, food stamp recipients to volunteer just six hours a week.

70 percent of them will get off food stamps, instead of putting in the six hours of volunteer work.

You want proof? Well, look to Maine, where Republican Governor Paul LePage tried exactly this technique:

Between Dec. 1 and April 1, the percentage of able-bodied adults without dependents has dropped by more than 70 percent.

On Oct. 1, Maine implemented a work or volunteer requirement for these able-bodied adults to continue their participation in the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program.

People who didn’t complete the work or volunteer requirement stopped receiving SNAP benefits after three months.

According to Department of Health and Human Services data, 9,478 able-bodied adults without dependents received SNAP benefits on Dec. 1. That number dropped to 2,530 on April 1.

Assuming each food stamp recipient gets just $200 per month, extrapolating to the rest of the country, state and federal governments could save about $50 billion dollars over the next decade.

Every governor needs to enact this simple requirement for unemployed, childless, able-bodied adults: If you want food stamps, volunteer somewhere for just six hours a week.

Marxist Pope Snubs Gay Man

April 11, 2015

Refuses to receive French ambassador because he’s gay. You just can’t win with these Marxists!

Is Barack Obama an Irredeemable Moron?

April 11, 2015
Is Barack Obama an Irredeemable Moron?

The Luddite-in-Chief links globull “warming” to his daughter’s asthma: In an interview Wednesday, in support of a new White House climate change awareness campaign, the president noted that his 16-year-old daughter had asthma when she was 4. He said that as a father, when your child says she has trouble breathing, “the fright you...

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A Chilling Interview with George Zimmerman

April 10, 2015

As you might suspect, the man doesn’t sound very bright (“Initially, I was extremely alleviated.”) But his words demonstrate how Barack Obama and his thugs intimidate their political opponents, using the vast powers of the federal government.

Rolling Stone Attacks Rape Survivor

April 7, 2015

The publisher of Rolling Stone attacks “Jackie”:

He described her as “a really expert fabulist storyteller” who managed to manipulate the magazine’s journalism process.

How dare he! Doesn’t he know that only 2-8 percent of rape allegations are false, and that Jackie’s allegations don’t qualify as false?

How to Fix Rolling Stone

April 6, 2015

Various people are outraged that Rolling Stone isn’t firing anyone. But firing someone wouldn’t solve the underlying problem, which is a thick liberal cocoon at every major media outlet.

The solution involves liberals’ favorite buzzword, diversity.

Every major media outlet should commit to hiring at least one “out” conservative for their editorial staff. This person should be protected from discrimination when they dare to express their views. Just having one non-liberal inside the ultra-liberal cocoon would help pierce the cocoon, and help ensure that “fake, but accurate” stories don’t get published so easily.

Rolling Stone Tries to “Correct” Rape Story, But…

April 5, 2015

Ends up publishing more LIES about rape: Social scientists analyzing crime records report that the rate of false rape allegations is 2 to 8 percent. Really? 2 to 8 percent? How exactly does this so-called “analysis” determine if a rape allegation is false? Well: The determination that a report of sexual assault is false...

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Video: Bakeries Refuse to Bake Cake for Gay Wedding

April 5, 2015

“No, no, I don’t want it.”

Wunderkind Gets into ALL Ivy League Colleges

April 5, 2015

And MIT too!

What was his SAT score? 2270. I’m sure that’s good for whatever high school he goes to, but good enough to get into all the Ivies??

Why did he get into all the Ivies? I’ll give you one guess.

Yes, it’s because he’s African-American. Well, African, anyway. To PoliPundit readers, neither of those should come as a surprise.

Asian Passes for Black to Get Into Medical School

April 3, 2015

The inevitable result of racial discrimination in college admissions:

So, I shaved my head, trimmed my long Indian eyelashes, and applied to medical school as a black man. My change in appearance was so startling that my own fraternity brother didn’t recognize me at first. I even joined the Organization of Black Students and started using my embarrassing middle name that I had hidden from all of my friends since I was a 9 years old.

How churches Will be Forced to Perform Gay Marriages

April 2, 2015

Unlike in Denmark, Congress probably won’t pass a law forcing churches to conduct gay marriages. There are more subtle ways to accomplish that goal.

A simple IRS rule will do the trick: churches that refuse to perform gay marriages will not be eligible for tax-exempt status. Politicians won’t ever have to vote for the rule. By the time it gets to the courts, they’ll uphold it.

Poll: How long before American churches are forced by “our” government to conduct gay marriages?

March 31, 2015

In Denmark, it’s been the law of the land since 2012. So:

How long before American churches are forced by "our" government to conduct gay marriages?

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Who you should root for in the Middle East

March 29, 2015

Thanks to the rousing success of our Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winner-In-Chief, people in the Middle East are too busy killing each other to spend much of their time scheming against us. But, like many sporting events, it’s hard to know whom to root for in the games of the Middle East Armageddon Bowl. So here’s our government’s handy guide to whom you should support:

ISIS versus Iraq/Iran: Iraq, but not Iran. For now.

ISIS versus the Kurds: Easy. The Kurds! Well, except for the Turkish Kurds…

ISIS versus Assad: We need both of them to lose.

Libyan rebels versus the Libyan “government”: Huh, what? Who?

Sisi versus the Muslim Brotherhood: Well, the Egyptians did vote for Sisi… after he staged a coup… but still…

Yemeni rebels/Iran versus the Yemeni “government”/Saudi Arabia: The “government”/Saudis

Israel versus the “Palestinians”: Root for Israel in public and “Palestine” in private. Or is it the other way round now? But you should definitely root against Netanyahu!

Israel versus Iran: Who can know such things?

Boko Haram versus Nigeria: